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FITree Learning’s AAA College Counseling Program –
The Road to the Ivy League and Beyond!

FITree Learning provides a highly personalized approach to College Counseling designed to bring out the best potential from each student through the AAA Method: Ability, Achievement, and Aspiration.  FITree Learning’s AAA Method puts a focus on the student’s individual skills development and learning process, designed to maximize the following 3 Objectives:

Objective 1:

Maximizing the Student’s Ability Potential

The FITree Learning Method maximizes an applicant’s chances in the College admission process by optimally integrating and leveraging the student’s unique talents and abilities across critical aspects of the College Application process, including:

  1. Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays that stand out with the student’s own voice and passion
  2. Character and Values (Personal qualities such as leadership that can contribute to the College community beyond academics)
  3. Talents/Abilities (Colleges want to know how the applicant would uniquely contribute to the College community)
  4. Interviewing techniques
  5. Recommendations letters (Teachers, Counselors, External recommenders)
  6. Supplementary materials best practices (for submitting audio recordings, musical score, art samples, writing samples, scientific research paper, film or dance video)

Objective 2: 

Maximizing the Student’s Achievement Potential

The FITree Learning Method draws out and accentuates each student’s unique achievements, be it in Academics (Math, Sciences, Social Studies, Language/Literature), Arts, Music, Sports, and/or Extracurriculars Activities (School Clubs, Community Service, Jobs). Analyzing and actualizing each student’s unique talents and achievements, the FITree Learning Method calibrates each application in relation to what top Colleges are really looking for in the following areas:

  1. Academic Record (Intellectual curiosity and academic potential)
  2. Extracurricular Activities and Work Experience (How much does the applicant care about making a positive impact on others)
  3. Level of Applicant’s Interest (How best to network with Admission Offices and express genuine interest)
  4. Standardized Test Strategies (What do top Colleges mean by optional and how they are weighed differently)
  5. Achieving Honors, Awards and acceptance into notable Summer programs
  6. Landing research and internship positions, getting published in newspapers, magazines, or TV News.  

Objective 3: 

Maximizing the Student’s Aspirations

A College application that fully captures the student’s Aspiration has a greater chance of unlocking the door to top Colleges.  Maximizing the student’s ownership mindset for the college application process is key to maximizing Aspirations – the passion and joy students take in the pursuits that really matter to them will strengthen their college application.

This is because top Colleges look to train leaders of their generation – and true leadership requires aspirations of the right kind. Top Colleges practice a Holistic Admission (or whole-person) review process favoring a diversity of voices, backgrounds, talents, academic interest, and worldview among admitted students – each piece in an application is part of an integrated and comprehensive whole. 

Hence, the importance of the Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays which are used by the top Colleges to get at the personal side of the applicant – a successfully written Essay is one that comes from a place of passion driving towards a purposeful Aspiration, while staying true to the student’s authentic voice emanating from the written document.  FITree Learning’s AAA College Counseling Program brings life into the student’s entire body of work.

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