FITREE LEARNING students admitted into top colleges during the 2022-23 application cycle

FITREE LEARNING students were admitted into top US colleges, including: Harvard, MIT, Brown, Duke, Vanderbilt, Rice, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, USC, Georgia Tech, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UT Austin. 


FITREE LEARNING students will be attending top colleges like Harvard in Fall 2023 after having benefited from expert guidance in producing college applications designed to align with the latest (and increasingly challenging) U.S. college admissions landscape:

  • With SATs and ACTs being widely optional, other factors carry greater weight in the College Admissions process, including: Application Essays, Recommendations, Evidence of Personal Character, Extracurriculars, and Interviews.
  • Aligning college applications with assessment procedures at top colleges: using the FITREE LEARNING college counseling system, students are positioned for a top rating in key admission considerations such as Academics, Extracurriculars, and Personal Characteristics.
  • Supplemental materials and Portfolios have become increasingly important: submitting advanced science or engineering research, creative writing samples, art portfolio, music recordings, and even extra recommendations can make a big difference if done right.

Top colleges like Harvard have a specific rating system with detailed assessment for each application being reviewed. By expertly incorporating these factors into its College Counseling and Preparatory system, FITREE LEARNING is well-positioned to help prepare students for the college admission process.

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